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What Is The Graston Technique?

The Graston Technique is an evidence-based form of soft tissue mobilization. It allows practitioners to detect and correct forms of soft tissue dysfunction. Dysfunction within the tissue can be a result from scar tissue (after a surgery or injury) or any type of fascial restriction that prevents healthy tissue from functioning normally.

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Initial Session $50

with 10% Discount - $45.00*

Single Session $75

5 Sessions $100

10 Sessions $150


*Discount is limited to a one-time use per person.

How Does It Work?

The design of the stainless-steel instruments allows for practitioners to detect exactly where the adhesions are located and treat them specifically. Adhesions are then broken up, enabling damaged tissue to heal properly. As a result, many injuries recover faster reducing the need for anti-inflammatory medications.

Helps With:

Scar Tissue

✔ Strength of Muscle Fibers

✔ Reducing Pain

✔ Pulled Muscles

✔ Injuries

✔ Lumbar Strain


About Dr. Elyse House

Originally from Buffalo, New York, Dr. Elyse House graduated from the University of Buffalo with a bachelors degree. Furthering her education she attended D'Youville College and obtained her Doctorate of Chiropractic Degree. She has been practicing chiropractics since 2014. During her training she has interned with many chiropractors in Western New York, and has gained a great deal of experience. She has trained and mastered in a specialty called the Graston Technique.  This technique is a form of soft tissue mobilization. She continues to educate herself by attending numerous seminars each year, as well as staying current on the latest research to expand her skills and training.

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