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Nutritional Testing Services

Nutritional Response Testing


Doctors have been practicing for decades using this nutritional approach and helping people restore their health naturally without using any type of surgery or drugs. Isn't that amazing? It is a safe, natural and effective way to allow your body to reach its maximum potential.

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Meridian Autonomic Testing


This is a unique muscle testing technique based on acupuncture reflexes located on the surface of the body. The testing is non-invasive. These points relate to systems, organs, and glands and help to determine nutritional requirements based on Whole Food Nutrition and Herbal Concentrates.

Nutritional Response Testing and Meridian Autonomic Testing use muscle testing, your nervous system, and your body's own reflex organ system to find where stressors may exist. Dr Jamie Brenon preforms a body reflex scan. This is preformed by contacting your extended arm with one hand and then contacting a specific reflexes on the body with her other hand. If the tested reflex is out of balance, your nervous system will respond by reducing the energy to your extended arm, resulting in a weakness of your arm, indicating an imbalance in the body which could affect your health. Dr.  Jamie will then recommend appropriate dietary changes, whole food vitamins and/or herbs to help balance these reflexes and maximize your health.


ZYTO Bio-Communication Scan


Energetic balancing with the Zyto Technology is done using the Zyto Scan Bio-Communication technology.  The Zyto Scan is used to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of a person's energetic health and balance.This process involves measuring galvanic skin responses to a broad variety of digital stress inputs. These measurements are recorded to help provide a profile of a patient's present condition. According to European medical research, acupuncture points are related to the body's organs and organ systems. Major groups of points are connected through channels, or meridians. Twenty of these meridians begin or end on the hands and feet. As a patient moves towards or away from health, the condition of any particular organ or system can be sensed by measuring the coherence patterns in its particular frequency. As a result, stress associated with the corresponding organs can be surveyed using the indicated points. Dr. Jamie will review your Zyto scan results and send a copy to you via email.


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The body has the potential to fully repair itself when given the correct nutrients and dietary guidelines. 


Will Nutritional Testing Benefit Me?


  • Do you have a health situation?

  • Do you have one or more non-resolving health conditions?

  • Do you have situations that have become chronic despite everything you have tried?

  • Have you already gone the so-called “conventional medical route” or even to other alternative practitioners, with no results or actual worsening?

  • Are you ready to make a positive demand for improvement that will put you back in charge of your own health?

If you answered yes to these questions, and have made a personal demand on yourself to get these situations handled once and for all, then there is hope, and you have come to the right place.

Here is a list of some symptoms that have brought patients in our office for Nutrition Testing:


  • Digestive symptoms

  • Food Issues

  • Skin Issues

  • Blood Sugar imbalance

  • Headaches/Migraines

  • Cholesterol balancing 

  • Feeling "tired"

  • Feeling "not well"

  • Inflammation

  • Hormonal Imbalance

  • Thyroid symptoms

  • Weight Management

  • Sleep Disturbances

  • Stress and Anxiety symptoms


and many more......

Our history of results in a wide range of cases tells us that if:

  1. You are found to be a Nutritional Testing case that we believe we can help with, and

  2. You follow our recommendations as closely as possible, and

  3. You stay with the program long enough to achieve maximum balance of your body.


You will have the best chance of achieving the maximum results possible.

Please call our office for pricing and available appointment times.

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